Vitz “Insert Map CD” Solution

For those of you who have a JDM navigation system installed in their Toyota (vitz, belta, axio, etc) and get the following message on their navigation system “INSERT MAP CD”, i have the solution for you.

All that the system needs is a boot CD that will bypass this message. After that you will be able to use most of the features of the system like controlling the treble/base, maintenance log, etc. Everything, apart from the actual GPS navigation will be activated (for that, you require a map file of Pakistan, which unfortunately isn’t available for any system apart from Garmin).

Usually you can go to the market (audio stores) and pay Rs.500-2000 for them to unlock your system.


First thing you need to do is to know the model number of the system you have installed in your car, for eg, NDCN W55 etc. (Model number is usually written at the bottom right of the unit).

After that, download the file from megaupload shared below having your system’s model number. This will download a file called LOADING.KWI.

Once you have downloaded the LOADING.KWI file, burn the LOADING.KWI file to a blank cd. Here you have to take care of two things:

1) Don’t put the file into any folder on the CD. The file must be in the root directory (i.e. it should be the only file on the CD. No folders or anything).
2) The name of the CD should be 86271-V416A8

once you have written the file to a blank CD, just insert the CD in your deck in the MAP slot, and you will be good to go.









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